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Theology Courses

Aquinas Educational Foundation

The Aquinas Educational Foundation was established in 1967 as a non-profit foundation governed by a board of directors. The mission of the Aquinas Educational Foundation is twofold:
1) to support the theology courses, which provide Purdue students and others in the Purdue community and the Diocese of Lafayette with a chance to develop an intellectual and historical understanding of their faith as a complement to their secular education and
2) to promote other educational programs for the Diocese of Lafayette and members of the Purdue community that:
  • provide opportunities for Catholics to be informed about the Catholic Church's views concerning current issues, theology and values;
  • further religious studies and interfaith relations in the Greater Lafayette area.

The Aquinas Educational Foundation educational programs include public lectures that bring together faculty, staff, graduate students and community members near Purdue University.

Our past speakers have included Cardinal George, George Weigel, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Diana Hayes, Cyprian Davis, John Allen, Fr. Ron Rohlheiser, Victoria Saker Woeste, and Margaret Steinfels. We have also co-sponsored lectures by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Fr. Patrick Collins, Professor Robert Orsi, Fr. Tom Norris, Professor Don Mitchell, Professor Ann Astell,Brendan Purcell, Carolyn Woo, Bishop Doherty, and Ruby Behringer.

In Spring 2015, we hosted a panel on ISIS and the Islamic State in Purdue Memorial Union's East Ballroom. Over 400 students, faculty, and community members came to hear the panelists representing Catholic and Islamic perspectives: Scott Alexander, Rafia Zakaria, and Ahmed Rehab.

Our most recent speaker is John Allen, who lectured at Fowler Hall on "The Catholic Church in America, the Pope Francis Effect, and the 2016 Election" on October 26, 2016.